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Whole 30 Day 2

Day one went by without a hitch. I did have a bit of a headache as I went to bed, but decided to ignore it. I was not dehydrated so figured it was just the beginnings of sugar withdrawal. How are you feeling?

According to the Whole 30 timeline: “The amount of suck you experience during the first few days of your Whole 30 is directly proportional to the amount of garbage you consumed before you began the program.” Did you go on a sugar binge the day before your Whole 30 started? Are you feeling pretty rotten right now? That might be why.

The week before my Whole 30, I was at the beach with my family. I thought I ate far fewer sweet treats than I normally do during this vacation week, but even still, I had ice cream three times, a couple pieces of chocolate, some sugar free desserts that I had been experimenting with and about four pieces of a chocolate (gluten free) birthday cake. The cake – with caramel icing no less – was by far the most sugar laden thing I ate all week. So now that I start adding it up, I did consume a good bit of junk, but still less than normal when I’m at the beach. I know, I know. At least I didn’t eat many chips or other junky things like that. And thanks to this gluten-free-for-life thing, there was certainly no fried seafood.

So here we are on day two, feeling pretty good so far, all things considered, and very thankful for that!

Today’s menus are as follows:

Breakfast: black coffee (not bad as long as you get a lighter roast), scrambled eggs and sausage, same as yesterday.

Regarding the coffee, I’ve heard a lot of good things about these Nutpods as a cream substitute during the Whole 30. I haven’t tried them, but thought I’d pass along the info. in case you’re interested. There are multiple flavors available, including Pumpkin Spice, though the last time I checked, that one was sold out. Perhaps you could find them locally somewhere if you’re interested in giving them a try.

Lunch: salad with greens, veggies, ranch dressing and deli turkey

Dinner: Carnitas, prepared in the instant pot, cole slaw without sugar (see video for tips on adding flavor without sugar), fried plantain chips, and roasted broccoli. I also served my family some watermelon, but I chose not to have any. I’m trying to not eat fruit at the beginning of this Whole 30 so as to keep the sweet taste away entirely.

These carnitas are my favorite way to eat pork. I used a Boston Butt roast for the first time today and loved this even more than before! It’s so flavorful and moist. You will not feel like you are missing out on anything with this meal! P.S. I have a friend who told me he hates the word ‘moist’ and that word is now forever ruined for me. I almost cringe every time I say it knowing that someone out there hates that word. So, I’m sorry. I will work on finding alternate words. Juicy maybe?

You can see me prepare the carnitas here: