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Whole 30 Day 1

Here we go again. I am determined to complete this challenge 100% within the guidelines of the plan. I had my black coffee this morning. I did not enjoy it, but I’ve done this enough to know that I will get used to it. It’s just that, at some point during the first 15 days (usually) I get irritated with the fact that I can’t have cream and stevia in my coffee and throw in the towel. I am not going to do that this time.

If you want to read my introduction to this Pre-Holiday Whole 30, you can find that here. 

One note: I am publishing this Day 1 post on September 29th for your October 1st start date. I started my Whole 30 a few days ago so that I would have a head start on getting recipes and instructional videos posted. I also wanted to publish a few days ahead so you could see what you have to look forward to in terms of both symptoms/benefits of the Whole 30 and also the food! Hopefully, this won’t be confusing!

I’m going in with a bit of a different mindset this time. I have some things I’d like to work on and I’m hoping the Whole 30 can help.

  • achy joints
  • lack of energy
  • brain fog

I just listened to Melissa Hartwig, the creator of the Whole 30 program, as she was interviewed by Jen Hatmaker on her podcast, For the Love, and was so inspired by her personal story and all the stories of others whose lives were pretty dramatically changed by completing a Whole 30. Hearing them talk about this program has made me even more determined to see it through all the way to the end.

One bit of craziness I’m going to embark on this time around is that I will complete a short post for each day, detailing my meals and how I’m feeling. I will also be making a video of each dinner recipe. Some will be more complicated, some will be simple, some will be old recipes that have been on the blog for years and some will be brand new, created specifically for this challenge.

I hope you’ll let me know in the comments how you’re doing if you’re completing your own Whole30 right along with me.

Here are today’s meals:

Breakfast: black coffee, three eggs scrambled in bacon drippings

Lunch: salad with a salmon filet and ranch dressing

Dinner: Instant Pot roasted chicken and side salad with homemade ranch dressing (recipe in my book).

There wasn’t a lot of variety in my meals today, but I was trying to make it easy on myself since

1. it’s Sunday, a day on which I try to rest and

2. I’ve just returned from vacation and have lots of unpacking to do!

I apologize for the shocking lack of pictures for this first day. As I am editing this on day 16, I can assure you that I got better and do have pictures for most of my meals.

You can see how easy this chicken was to prepare in the YouTube video below:

I wish you the best of luck with your own Whole 30. Let’s stay in touch!