Our Paleo Family

Facebook Live Tonight, 7:30 PM EST

Hey, hey! Tonight, I’ll be live on Facebook.com/kidcasts at 7:30 PM. If you can’t catch the show live, you can go back and watch after the fact. This will be my 4th show and all of them are still up on the KidCasts page.

Do me a favor, will you? Head over to Facebook.com/ourpaleofamily and like my page. I thought I launched that page back in the fall when I started the blog, but I guess I never hit “publish.” My crack technical support team (thanks, honey) noticed it for me and published the page a couple weeks ago. I’d love to start accumulating some “likes” over there – whatever that means!

Tonight’s show is focused on autoimmune paleo or AIP. I’ll be making my AIP tortillas and tempura fried shrimp for some delicious shrimp tacos. No, you cannot come over and eat because I will be going to sleep as soon as the show is over. Sorry.

I chose these recipes because 1. they are really, really tasty and 2. they’re a little tricky to make so I thought seeing me make them might be so helpful you would rush right out and make them yourself! Trust me, you would not regret it.

I hope to see you online tonight!