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Healthy Food, Low Prices, Free Delivery… Too Good to be True?

There’s an ingredient I cook with a lot – you may have noticed – coconut aminos. Think of this as a substitute for soy sauce, same sort of flavor profile without the off-limits soy. We go through a lot of coconut aminos in my house. One bottle costs about $7 at Whole Foods so I had to be kind of stingy with this ingredient – until I learned about Thrive Market. Have you heard of this company yet? It’s like Costco meets Whole Foods meets Amazon. You order your favorite healthy foods and beauty care products online at 25-50% off retail and they come right to your door.

Depending on how much you are buying these healthier ingredients, the savings can be huge. I’m doing a lot of cooking these days – and even more now that I’m recipe testing for all of you. Just an example: that $7 bottle of coconut aminos costs just $4.45 from Thrive. If your order is $49 or more, shipping is free. The catch is that there is a membership fee of $59.95/year. That comes to just a tad under $5 per month.

I was teetering on the edge of whether or not this would be a good deal for my family – until I read that for each membership purchased, Thrive gives a membership to a low-income American family who could not otherwise afford it. In case you haven’t seen a news report in about 15 years, there is a tremendous health crisis in our country. Young and old alike are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes at an alarming rate. We know that diet effects heart disease, cancer and diabetes, the big three killers. If I can do something to help make a healthy lifestyle easier for a family that could not otherwise afford it, then sign me up!

Thrive offers thousands of products for your home, body and kitchen. If you want vegan, you can search for that. If you want non-GMO, you can search for that. Maybe you’re concerned about your beauty products being tested on animals. You can select items that fit that bill. Bottom line, Thrive Market makes it easy to shop by dietary preference and shop your conscience.

I wouldn’t endorse the company if I were not honestly a big fan. If you think Thrive Market might be a good fit for your family, sign up for a month long free trial here. Sign up is quick and easy. In no time you’ll be on your way to changing the way you shop for healthy products!