Our Paleo Family

Monday Moments

I think Mondays tend to get a bad rap. People dread Mondays because they mean back to school, back to work, back to setting alarms. Monday isn’t my favorite day, but I don’t really dread it either. We need to give Monday a break. Let’s see it as a fresh start, a chance to have a relaxing, yet productive week. A week where we don’t yell at our kids or our husbands – and a week where they don’t deserve it! A week where our house stays tidy (I’m serious) and we cook nutritious meals at home most of the time. I’m not suggesting we set up unrealistic goals for ourselves, just that we aim high. There’s no reason to go in with a sense of failure and dread, let’s go into the week with a sense of optimism, purpose and love.

Every other Monday night I meet with a group of women for Bible study, prayer and fellowship time. This semester we’ve been reading and discussing Emily Freeman’s new book Simply Tuesday. If you want or need some reassurance that it’s ok to sit down, to slow down, to take time to develop relationships rather than produce! produce! produce! this is a good read for you. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, but just this week I came upon this:

“I sense Christ asking me to embrace the days of small beginnings even when they might lead only to small endings. Because the mustard seed tells us the ending belongs to God and it is kingdom-sized.”

What I have going on here with this blog is definitely a small beginning. I am excited when I look at my stats and see that I got 11 hits in one day! I’m not sure exactly why the Lord planted the mustard seed of an idea for a blog in my mind. If you had asked me three months ago if I had considered starting a blog, I would have said, “Bwahaha!” And then one day there it was.

Is there something stirring in you? A small beginning just waiting to get out? It can be incredibly hard to step over the threshold and embrace something new, but if we remember that the ending is in God’s hands as well the beginning, and that the ending is kingdom-sized, bigger than we can even fathom, that’s the motivation you need. Right? It’s what I need.

I can do the work, create the recipes, write the words, but ultimately, whether anyone reads this or is helped or changed by the work of my hands lies completely in God’s loving hands. Knowing this takes some of the pressure off.

So here’s to your small beginning! Whatever it is: life as a new parent, a new diet, a new job, or simply a new week. I pray your small beginning grows to whatever God would have it to be and that you would be satisfied with the process, even if it feels painfully slow at times.

Happy Monday, all!