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Whole 30 Day 29 – but not really

Well, what do I say here. I made it almost a full 28 days squeaky clean and I felt really good. But the temptation to try some of the off-limits foods at last night’s dinner was just too strong for me. So I ate some gluten free pizza and a few little bites of pie on day 28. I think that’s pretty darn good.

After my day 28 cheat, I decided that I would still complete the last two days according to the Whole 30 rules. I at least started out well…

We are still in Virginia this morning, but will be packing up our little cabin retreat and heading to the NC mountains for a quick visit before heading home later today.

Breakfast: eggs and bacon and black coffee

Lunch: deli turkey, carrots with avocado dressing/dip and a few plantain chips.

By dinner, I was starving. I simply did not eat enough earlier in the day, which was a set up for making poor choices at dinner.  We were still on the road and decided to stop at this great place on our way called Burger Warfare. Not only is it a fun place, but they have great gluten free burgers and fries. You know where this is going. A dedicated gluten free fryer is a big treat! I chose the Cuban burger which included some ham, pickles, mustard and swiss cheese all on top of a burger and gluten free bun. For my guilty pleasure, as if the bun were not enough, I chose tator tots. My meal was very delicious and I’m glad I ate it because I think this is real life. We cook and eat at home almost always. And I eat pretty much according to the Whole 30 guidelines most of that time. So when we travel or go out, I’ll tend to splurge, because it’s so rare.

I apologize for the poor quality picture. We were inside and it was pouring rain outside so lighting was less than ideal.

I think I like this scenario: Whole 30 eating while at home and only off plan when it’s a special occasion.

Tomorrow is Day 30 and I will once again attempt to go 100% by the rules, but mentally, once the pattern has been broken, it’s much easier to keep breaking it. I will try though.