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Website Upgrades and Updates – Thank you for your patience

Hi friends,

If you are receiving this post in your inbox, that means that you are currently subscribed to updates from my blog. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on integrating a new sign-up form with MailChimp, an email distribution service. If you are a current subscriber, I will transfer your email address over to this new service so you will still receive updates from me.

When you visit my website, you should see a popup asking you to sign up for my newsletter and offering two special recipes as a thank you gift. If you want to receive those recipes, just sign up on the pop-up form, you’ll receive the recipes in a welcome email, and I’ll make sure your name doesn’t show up in my database twice. I know you love me, but you probably don’t want to receive all my emails twice.

If you don’t care about the free super special recipes (hint, hint: they’re really good ones), then just hit close on the pop-up and continue browsing. You shouldn’t see this pop-up more than once a week. If it gets to be a nuisance, please tell me. We’re working to make all of this a good experience for you, but I’m not perfect, and neither is my technical manager (ie. my husband).

Also, the source of the ads that sometimes show up on my posts, our big friend, Google, is undergoing some modifications to their ad program and consequently, the ads are acting kind of goofy. Sometimes they’re completely gone and sometimes they’re showing up in triplicate. I know this is a nuisance and I greatly apologize. Please know we’re working diligently to get this all working as it should be.

Amidst all this website upheaval, I’ve been cooking up a storm over here and have lots of recipes in the pipeline. Look for lots of new goodies to come in the near future.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your patience!