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Ranch Spice Blend

I am a firm believer in cooking at home. You get to control what goes in your food and your body that way. It’s much cheaper than eating out. It’s more relaxed (usually) and can make for great family time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy eating out as well, but I know that the food will not be as good for my body and it’s a drain on the budget.

Part of making cooking at home easier and tastier is having a pantry stocked full of the ingredients you need; and part of that pantry is a well-stocked spice cabinet. Sure, you need all the basics like garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, etc., but I’m also a big fan of spice blends. They can turn a simple meat and potatoes meal into something really delicious and wow-worthy. There are entire shops devoted to spice blends, so clearly this is a “thing” right now.

My very first and favorite Paleo cookbook of all time, Practical Paleo, (if you don’t have it, you should), includes several spice blends that are then used in many of the recipes in the book. These spice blends absolutely make the dish! I keep the savory spice blend on hand all the time.

For my own recipes, I’ve needed to create a few blends of my own: Taco, Cajun and now Ranch.

My daughter loves ranch dressing and with this spice blend, all I need to do is add some of this blend to my homemade mayo and we’re good to go. If she wants it a little thinner for pouring rather than dipping, I add some coconut milk.

But ranch spice blend isn’t just for salad dressing and dip. It’s delicious on potatoes, adds zip to chicken and fish and even stars in a quick, weeknight dish: Ranch Chicken and Mushrooms.

Have I convinced you to make your own spice blends? When you finish up a bottle (preferably glass) of one of your spices, just clean it out, make a new label and store your new spice blends right along with all your other individual spices. I think you’ll be really glad you took the time to make them!

Ranch Spice Blend
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Ranch Spice Blend
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  1. Combine all spices in a bowl and mix well. Store in a glass spice jar or whatever container is convenient for you.
  2. See notes below for additional information.
Recipe Notes

You can buy organic spices or not - sometimes organic is hard to find. You can use the larger flake style granulated garlic or the fine powder. Use dehydrated lemon peel or zest it fresh. Use dried celery powder instead of salt if you prefer lower sodium. You can really adapt this recipe to your own tastes. My husband LOVES dill so I sometimes double that ingredient. Flexible, flexible, flexible!

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