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Meal Plan – Week of March 16th

I’ve just been studying for the the International licensing exam for health coaches and today’s lesson has been all about wellness and it’s many components. One of the key tenets of wellness is appreciating the beauty around you – finding something you can find awe-inspiring. I’m sitting up in my office right by a window – the temperature is pleasant enough to have the window open. So I have this lovely breeze drifting in, I can hear all the birds chirping away, and I’m definitely appreciating this beauty! I hope you find something to really sit in awe of today.

I’m back with another weekly meal plan for you. I’m sorry I had to skip last week. You know that sore tooth I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, it up and died on me so last week this time I was being tortured at the periodontist’s office getting the tooth pulled and starting the process for an implant. It was not a pleasant week, but I’m thankful to say I managed without antibiotics, pain meds or the chemical mouth rinse they prescribed. If you have a similar situation and are curious about my natural antibiotic and antiseptic tricks, message me and I’ll fill you in. For now, let’s get to meal planning!

Here are the meals on tap for my family this week:

White Chicken Chili

We will have had tacos the night before so I’m sure there will be tortilla chips and salsa left that my family will enjoy. I’ll stir some mashed avocado into my soup for extra nutrition and deliciousness!

Hotdogs, Sweet Potato Fries and okra

Nothing fancy here. This meal is for a super busy day and I know I can get this on the table in 30 minutes or less and there will be zero complaints – especially since my son found some packets of Heinz ketchup in the back of the fridge so he won’t have to eat my “healthy” ketchup!

Cheesy Keto Casserole

Throw any veggies you have lying around into this one and have yourself a hearty, one-pot meal.

Salmon Patties, Broccoli and rice for the family

I’ve linked my tuna patty recipe because it uses canned tuna and I plan to use canned salmon for this meal. If you have fresh or even frozen salmon fillets, consider making my Fresh Salmon Burgers instead. They’re a little more work, but totally worth it.

This tuna patty recipe is from February of 2016 and this is the best picture I have! I’ll get some better ones when I make these this week!
These are the salmon burgers – much prettier. 🙂

Nut-crusted Chicken, cauliflower gnocchi (from Trader Joe’s) and a green salad

Pizza Popover and Salad

Last time I made pizza popover, I doubled the meat portion and froze half. Now I’ll simply have to defrost that casserole, make the popover batter and bake. It’s amazing how much time is saved if you don’t have to do any chopping or sautĂ©ing!

That’s it for this week everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PS. You can watch me prepare many of these recipes over on my YouTube channel. People tell me it’s pretty entertaining – probably because I make a mess and lots of mistakes! So if you’d like some instruction, inspiration or entertainment, check that out.

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