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Stitch Fix: Summer 2018

It’s Stitch Fix time again! This has nothing to do with Paleo or Functional Medicine or Beautycounter except that have a lot to do with all those other things so Stitch Fix saves me shopping time, which I really, really need. Plus, lots of people continue to ask me if I think Stitch Fix is “worth it.” The answer of course is, “that depends.” But for me it’s worth it because I like it and it saves me time. Simple as that.

If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, here’s a summary: It’s a personal shopping service. Sometimes you might receive just what you’ve asked for, but Stitch Fix really excels at sending you things you’d probably never select in the store, but somehow magically fit perfectly and belong in your closet.

You fill out a detailed profile letting the Stitch Fix stylists know your tastes, how much you’d like to spend, how often you want a fix (there’s no obligation for a regular shipment), and they select things for you and send them to your door! You have three business days to try things on, make your selections and ship back what you don’t want. Their website and app are very user friendly. The whole process is seamless.

There is a $20 styling fee, which is credited back to you if you purchase something. If you purchase all five items sent to you, you will receive a 25% discount as well.

My best Stitch Fix tips:

  • Don’t look at the prices first. Try on first.
  • Take your time trying everything on. See how it works with the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Accessorize. Really try on the items as you would wear them. So many times, I didn’t like something right out of the box, but once I put it on and styled it, I loved it!
  • Give your stylist ideas of things you’d like to try or items you need (for example: dresses for a summer wedding), but don’t expect to be sent specific items. You can request, but there is no guarantee you will receive a specific item you’ve selected. Keep your expectations realistic.
  • The fun of Stitch Fix is the surprise. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to go to the mall!!!

Ready to see what I received in my first summer fix?

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short, $58

When I saw these shorts, my heart sank. I received this same brand and cut of short last summer and they were awful. So tight and unflattering. I hated them instantly. And the more I wore them, the more I hated them. They quickly went back in the bag. But, I took my own advice and gave these shorts a try and of course, I loved them. They fit perfectly! I’ve been looking and looking for a pair of denim shorts that were comfortable, flattering and appropriate for a mid-40s mom. These fit the bill. Unfortunately, the fading on the front looked really funky to me. I sent them back asking for an exchange for another pair. Fingers crossed they will have a little more even distressing.

The red shirt above is from JC Penny. I couldn’t find it for you online.

This navy and white striped tee is from an earlier Stitch Fix. I love the fit and feel of this basic tee. The navy is sort of faded (on purpose) so it goes perfectly with the shorts.

Next up is the 41 Hawthorne Ezide Printed Textured Top, $58

This top is like a work blouse in the front, but the back is a knit tee-shirt type material. The front is lined, but it was still a bit see through. I liked this top, but I have a couple that are similar that I like more so I sent this one back. 

Calvin Klein Tallia Flutter Sleeve Blouse, $58

This is another blouse that would be perfect for an office environment (which I don’t really need right now). Again, I liked this a lot, it fit well and definitely suited my taste, I just have something similar and don’t have a need for too many of this type of thing in my wardrobe right now.

I’m wearing this top with the Loft Riviera Pant in Marisa Fit. I really like these dress pants a lot. They fit really well and are super comfortable. They have a bit of stretch to them and hit me right at the ankle. I’m wearing a 4 Regular so I’d say they run a little large. I’m just under 5’3″ but cannot wear petites in anything. I would love these just a teeny tad shorter, but not enough to mess with hemming them. Oh, and I should say that for a white pant, these are very pleasantly NOT see through. Highly recommend!  Kaileigh Silverstone Knit Jumpsuit, $58

I’m not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but this jumpsuit is a pretty dark purple. It’s called knit, but isn’t a tee-shirt type knit. It’s more of a polyester knit. It had a very nice weight and drape to it.

I had asked my stylist to send me a knit, wide leg jumpsuit because I really wanted to try on this trend. This item was great in theory, but in the end, I decided this was not something I’d get much wear out of. In addition, the waist hit me too high. Again, I am not a tall person, but my proportions are just such that I cannot wear petites and I cannot wear most things that cinch at the waist – the waist just hits me too high. Unfortunately, that was the case with this jumpsuit.  Kaileigh Adalia Knit Jumpsuit, $58

This dark red jumpsuit was more of a tee-shirt material so it felt like wearing pajamas. And it had pockets! I really wanted to keep it, but knew that I would not wear it much. If it had been black or navy, then it would have probably been a keeper. The back view in these things is not ideal, but when styled with a jacket or sweater, that’s a non-issue. Both these jumpsuits were a great price point. Again, this one hit me in a weird spot on my waist, but if it had been perfect otherwise, I probably would have kept it. 

And thus ends the early summer Stitch Fix review. I ended up keeping only the shorts – and I don’t really have those at this point. I’m anxiously awaiting my exchange.

My stylists always do a great job picking things that fit my taste and budget and usually everything fits me really well. I have found that when I totally let them do their thing and send what they want, the fits are typically better. When I request specific items and they try to oblige, there are more misses. It’s still ok. I enjoy the process. It’s fun to get a box of clothes at my front door and it could not be any more convenient.

If Stitch Fix sounds like something you might enjoy or find convenient, I’d highly encourage you to try it. Here’s my referral link if you want to give it a try.  Once you place an order, you will receive a referral link that you can send to your friends as well!