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What We Ate Wednesday 2/28/18

On tap this past week was one of our favorites, Pork and Veggie Un-Rolls. It just so happened that the kids were both at a birthday party the night I prepared this, we my husband and I did our part to eat lots and lots! And he had lots and lots of leftovers. If ever there was a dish you could stretch to feed a crowd, this is it! And trust me, your crowd will be happy!

Next up was Chicken Parmesan served over lots of roasted squash and zucchini with some fresh berries on the side. We had guests for dinner this night and I completely forgot to photograph! I don’t even have a recipe for the Chicken Parm because I cannot figure out how I want to make it. This is one of our favorites, but I make it differently every single time! Basically, I bread flattened chicken breasts with the same breading as found in my chicken finger recipe with the addition of Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs. Then I top the baked or fried chicken with my Hidden Veggie Tomato Sauce. 

The next meal, (for which I do have a picture!) is Buffalo and Teriyaki Wings (some of each), roasted sweet potatoes and okra fritters. We had perfect weather this past weekend. Perfect! It was 78 degrees, no humidity, slight breeze, just divine. We ate outside for lunch and dinner. Of course, that has nothing to do with the food we ate, but it was so much more enjoyable out under the stars!

I had fixed myself some hamburger for lunch one day and so I ended up eating that leftover for dinner the next day. You know my histamine issues, so leftovers are hit or miss for me, but I generally do ok with beef as long as I take a histamine supplement. This may sound weird, but it was really good:

I made a base of lettuce, mixed in some mayonnaise and mustard (Whole 30 approved salad dressing!) then heated the leftover hamburger and sweet potatoes in a skillet with a little avocado oil. Then I poured on the leftover teriyaki sauce from last night’s wings. Then I walked away and forgot about it entirely. Not on purpose. But the result was that the orange juice in the teriyaki sauce and the sweet potatoes caramelized in the pan and it was so delicious! I served this on top of my “salad.”

Then we ate Pizza Popover again. I know this has been on constant replay over here, but I just can’t help it. Now that I’m basically living Whole30, I’m trying to figure out how to get all our favorite flavors into recipes that still fit that template. In the past, I’ve made this recipe with the cheese for my family and left a little section without for me. Well, no more. Nobody got cheese. But we all got extra pizza toppings. I added sausage and pepperoni to recipe, sprinkled on lots of Italian seasoning on the top, just to make it look pretty really. Oh yeah, I added LOTS of veggies to the meat sauce portion of the recipe and no one was the wiser. We were all completely satisfied. And as long as I keep this recipe in rotation, I don’t think I will be hearing constant pleas for pizza.

And last, but not least: Asian Slaw with Pan Roasted Salmon. I had this on the menu for one night last week and just was not in the mood. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood on this night either, but I knew I had all the ingredients and I needed to make it. Of course, it’s delicious and super nutritious, but our nice, warm weather turned cold again and salad didn’t sound great to me. But we all enjoyed it. Even my son, who eats zero sauces or salad dressings, deemed this ok since the “sauce” was not too strong. That’s high praise, indeed.

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