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Winter 2018 Stitch Fix Review

It’s Stitch Fix time again!

I ordered a Fix to arrive mid-January to coincide with my birthday. I told my stylist that I didn’t need or want anything specific. I requested “cozy, comfortable and affordable.”

If you want to skip my opinions and the details of this Fix, just jump to the bottom of the post for the explanation of how Stitch Fix works and what it costs. 

When your Fix ships, you have the opportunity to log into your account and get a sneak peek of what is coming your way. Because I love surprises, I never peek. I always think about peeking, but in the end I never do. Because I want to be surprised.

Besides wanting to be surprised, this is why I don’t peek: when my Fix arrived, I anxiously opened the box with super high expectations of something magical inside. But I was bummed by what I saw. The colors didn’t thrill me, the fabrics didn’t thrill me and then I looked at each item up close and I was really disappointed. If I had previewed my Fix online, I would have missed out on the happy anticipation of my box arriving. That’s half the fun.

I was so disappointed in fact, that I was going to call corporate and tell them my stylist had lost her mind or paid absolutely no attention to my profile at all. She clearly must think 1. It is fall and 2. I live in the tropics. If you think those two things are totally in conflict with one another, you’d be right. And hopefully realize why I was so baffled by this Fix.

She sent me two sleeveless items, one ugly sweater, one gauzy scarf with fall color flowers and one dress that looked way too small. I was totally confused. My Fix looked like a whole bunch of leftovers smooshed together for someone Stitch Fix clearly thought must just have money to burn. Hello. That is not me.

So I tried everything on very quickly, thought, “hmmm….” Then set it all aside and decided to wait a couple days until I had time to try everything on the way I would actually wear it.

Lo and behold, after a more concentrated try-on session, I liked everything. I didn’t LOVE everything, but I liked everything.

A important tip: I always try everything on and decide what I like and don’t like before I look at the invoice because I don’t want my opinions to be swayed by the price tag. So having not looked at the prices yet, I decided that each of these items truly did have some potential.

You can read all these details below, but I find that if I intend to keep at least two items, it’s usually more beneficial to keep everything and receive the 25% discount. That’s what happened in this case. Once I tried everything on and really scrutinized how each piece would work with the rest of my wardrobe and then looked at the invoice, it became clear that it made the most sense for me to keep everything. I went from hating everything to keeping everything. You can see all the pictures below and tell me if you think I made a mistake.

The two dresses were my favorites and they were also the most expensive items. So rather than paying full price for those two and sending back the inexpensive items, and once I realized that I could get enough wear out of each piece, keeping them all seemed the best solution.

Why do I share these Fixes? Because whenever I wear something I’ve received in a Stitch Fix, I get lots of compliments. I don’t understand how it happens, but out of every single item I’ve ever received from Stitch Fix, I think only one item did not fit well (this does not mean I like everything). They have this magical way of sending clothes that fit me just right. Even when I think they aren’t the best fit at first glance, once I try them on, with proper undergarments and accessories, I’m amazed. Really, truly.

So when people compliment one of my Stitch Fix items and I tell them it’s from Stitch Fix, they almost always say, “I’d like to talk to you more about that. I’m considering ordering one myself.” That’s why I’m sharing my own honest experiences.

I have gotten some real stinker fixes over the past year and a half and only one home run where I truly loved every single item. Most of the time, the Fixes are like this one: full of items I wouldn’t pick out for myself, but in the end I really like and end up wearing a lot.

I’ve already addressed fit and how they miraculously know how to pick clothes that fit me well. The other main concern I hear from people is the quality. The items I’ve received have all been of very good quality. I don’t have any complaints in that department.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

My January/Spring/Fall fix included two dresses, one top, one sweater and one scarf. When I request my Fix be particularly budget-friendly, they always include an accessory because that’s an easy way to keep the price down. Frankly, I love this because I am terrible at buying accessories for myself. Please send me all the accessories I need because I do not want to have to pick them out myself!

In no particular order:

41 Hawthron Evander Dress in Navy, size small, $68

Straight out of the box, this was my favorite piece of this Fix. BUT, it’s a spring dress. I mean, am I crazy? Doesn’t this dress look like spring to you? Just for kicks, I thought, “I’ll put on tights, boots and a sweater and see how it looks.” And guess what? I liked it. I even wore it out to dinner for my birthday. Maybe other people were thinking, “That crazy lady is wearing a spring dress and it’s 25 degrees out.” But I was happy and comfortable in it and that’s all that matters.

You can see in the top picture, I showed the dress how I would wear it in the actual spring or summer time. (Although, hopefully with a little less white arms and legs!)

The second picture shows the dress in all its sleeveless glory, minus the sweater and belt. And last, but not least, as I would actually wear this dress as long as it’s cold out.

It’s actually very comfortable and a nice quality. This dress is fully lined, doesn’t feel flimsy and isn’t see through. I also liked the little cutout at the neckline.

Up next, Mix by 41 Hawthorn Arava Knit Dress, size small, $58

This dress reminded me so much of an old dress I used to love, but no longer have because it was corduroy and totally unforgiving or flexible. At 44, I need forgiving and flexible clothing. As you can see from the top photo, this dress has pockets, it’s stretchy and has a nicely placed seemed waistline that fits me perfectly.

Just add tights, boots, sweater and a necklace and it’s a very easy outfit for church or going out to dinner. It’s also lined, which I love. The description from my stylist tried to convince me this is a Bohemian style and print, but I wouldn’t call it that at all. The print is a small, geometric pattern of navy, dark orange and light blue. I did have to study pretty hard and put on my reading glasses to determine that the background color was navy, rather than black, so I think you could easily wear black accessories and be just fine.

Next is the other sleeveless number: Status Ottawa Cutout Detail Blouse, size small, $38

This top had me thoroughly confused. It is lightweight and did I mention – sleeveless! But my stylist said it would look nice with the sweater she also sent so I gave it a try.

It has a nice little design element of a cutout/slit just below the neckline. Squint and you might be able to see it.

As my husband was out of town when it was time to take these pictures, I had my daughter fill in as photographer. To say she is critical or opinionated about my clothing is an understatement. For someone who wears ripped leggings and tee-shirts everyday, she sure is bold with her opinions of other people’s clothing. Anyway, she really liked this shirt.

I did as my stylist instructed and layered it with the sweater she sent along.

I think it looks ok this way. This sweater is extremely soft and a pretty color, but totally not a flattering style on me.

I forgot to show the blouse from the back, but you can see from where it hangs underneath the sweater that it is the hi-low style, being a shorter hem in the front and longer in the back.

I guess I should tell you about the cozy sweater:

This is the En Creme Zainab Button Down Cardigan, size small, color Beige, $48

I would never, ever pick this sweater off the rack. As I said above, the cut is just not something I go for. My stylist suggested I wear this with both of the dresses she sent. Um, no. This is a chunky, boyfriend style sweater and it looked totally inappropriate with the feminine patterns and cuts of the dresses, But as a layer over the blouse for a warmer day or something long-sleeved as in the picture below, it was ok. I can certainly see myself grabbing this to wear around the house on a chilly day. A day when I’m staying inside and don’t mind if I look a little frumpy.

Last, but not least: The Accessory Collective, Beverly Floral Print Scarf in Burnt Orange, $28

I like this scarf for a couple of reasons:

  1. The colors are very pretty. Again, very much a fall palette, but fall is my favorite season, so why not wear it’s lovely colors all year round?
  2. It is not bulky. I do not have a long neck, but I love scarves. Those two things are not good companions. I wear scarves anyway just because I like them and they are an easy way to accessorize without too much thought, but I do often end up feeling strangled. This one was lightweight enough that I could probably wear it all day. Or at least a couple hours.

Thus ends my Winter Stitch Fix of 2018.


  • Total cost for all five pieces is $160 plus tax. That’s reasonable for the quality, fit and the fact that I didn’t spend anytime or effort going to an actual store to pick these things out. Invaluable to me!
  • My best tips: Give everything a chance. Don’t rush to judgement. Don’t peek at your Fix online. Don’t look at the prices until you’ve already decided how you feel about each item. Assess your Fix when you have time to go through your closet and think about how you would/could wear each item.

Should you give Stitch Fix a try? I think yes. If you want to know all of my reasons for using Stitch Fix, you can read my first review and explanation here. 

All of those reasons I stated in that first article and review still stand. Yes, it costs more than what I would typically spend on myself, but the time savings and variety are worth it to me. I am slowly curating my closet to contain less junk and more quality pieces. As I am headed back into the professional world soon with my Functional Medicine Health Coaching business, I think I will only get more wear out of these types of items.

Here are all the details on Stitch Fix, how it works, what it costs, and what you need to do to get your own Fix:

  1. Go to StitchFix.com and fill out a free style profile. The questions are pretty detailed, but the point here is to figure out your style and sizes and get you clothes and accessories you’ll love.
  2. When you’re ready to give it a try, schedule your first fix (you’ll see how to do this on the website – their site is really user friendly).
    1. You choose when you want your fix and if you want one every month, every two months, once a year or just this once.
  3. You pay a $20 styling fee to receive your fix. You’ll be assigned a personal stylist who will hand-pick five items for you based on your style preferences.
  4. Your fix is shipped according to the schedule you requested.
  5. You receive your fix, try everything on in your own home, take three days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to return.
  6. Then check out online, choosing what to keep and what to send back and leaving feedback for each item. The more feedback you leave, the better your fixes will be. So say the experts.
  7. If you buy ANYTHING, they waive the $20 styling fee. If you buy all five items, you receive a 25% discount off of everything. That’s right – they waive the $20 styling fee and you get 25% off.
    1. Here’s what I’ve observed through my research: lots of people buy all five items for the discount and then join various Facebook groups for selling or trading. I haven’t done that yet, but I might.
  8. Shipping is free both ways – receiving and returning!
  9. Schedule your next fix!

If you’re interested in giving Stitch Fix a try, please use my referral link. If you order a Fix, they will give me a little shopping credit, which I very much appreciate.

Hopefully, I’ll have a Spring Fix review for you in a couple months. Who knows though, maybe it will be all wool sweaters and corduroy! But I’ll show you, nonetheless.

In the mean time, keep checking back for more delicious Paleo recipes.