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What We Ate Wednesday

Can someone please send me a trophy because I am now writing the What We Ate Wednesday post for the second week in a row. That makes two – count ’em – two posts toward my new goal of getting this out to you every week.

All kidding aside, I sincerely hope this is helpful. For the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing all Whole30 approved meals because I’m doing another Whole30 right now. (Sometimes we have to state the obvious.) There will be some new recipes thrown in, but it will look very similar to my meal plans from the fall.

Let’s get right to it:

Meal #1: Yeah, we had gyros again. I have to make a recipe multiple times before I get it just right. So if you read these posts regularly, you’ll figure out what new recipes I’m working on. A sneak preview, if you will!

On this particular night, we had gyros with tzatziki sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed squash and peppers. The video of this dinner prep is up on YouTube. 

Meal #2: Grilled Cod with Pineapple Mango Salsa and lots of broccoli on the side. This is actually a picture from another time because I forgot to photograph this particular dinner. Broccoli is not my favorite vegetable, but I eat it because I know I should. So to make it more palatable, I sauteed it with a lot of bacon fat and a little coconut oil and at the very end of cooking, I poured in a couple tablespoons of coconut aminos. It was pretty good. For broccoli.

Meal #3: Carnitas in the Instant Pot, Cole Slaw (minus the sugar) and Fried PlantainsThis is one of my favorite meals and one of the few I deem worth of my precious histamine supplements so that I can it the leftovers.

Meal #4: Beef and Vegetable Soup. This is just a good, old basic soup recipe. I detoured from the original by adding some potatoes for extra oomph, which my family, and my sugar-detoxing body, really enjoyed. The recipe is in the New Year Chapter of my book, Your Paleo Holiday.

Meals 5 and 6 were leftovers. I ate the carnitas meal once and made a big salad the other time my family at the leftovers.

Next week’s meals are already off to a great start with Beef Stroganoff, so be sure to come back next week.