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Whole 30 Day 27

Whole 30 Day 27! I didn’t really think I’d make it this far. I am super proud of myself and physically am feeling awesome! Big temptations are on the way though and I don’t know how I’ll react.

We left bright and early this morning to ride the Virginia Creeper. My husband and I did this same trip last summer and I wrote up a trip report for you. If you’re interested in visiting sometime, you can get more information in this post. 

Breakfast: (at home) black coffee, two eggs scrambled and two pieces of bacon (the picture below is an old one). Same meal, just less bacon this time.

Lunch: We arrived at our cabin just in time for lunch. I had turkey lettuce wraps with a little mayo, carrots and plantain chips dipped in that yummy spicy avocado dressing I made on day 25.

*Note: Plantain chips from a bag are not allowed on the Whole 30. I made an exception because we were traveling, I didn’t want to take the time to make homemade ones and I needed the carbs and calories for our 25 mile ride.

Dinner: After riding over 20 miles, we were hungry! I made hamburgers, hot dogs (Applegate brand, all beef hotdogs are Whole 30 compliant), skillet sautéed okra, sweet potato fries (in the shape of whatever I could cut with the terrible knife at the cabin) and a big salad with avocado dressing.

Dessert: lemon ginger tea enjoyed on the porch swing overlooking a babbling brook. Really. It was lovely.

There is no video of tonight’s dinner prep, but it was all super simple and quick. Nothing fancy, but totally Whole 30 and very satisfying. Actually, this was one of my favorite Whole 30 meals. It will be on repeat around here for sure!