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Whole 30 Week 4 Meal Plan

Can you believe you’ve made it three whole weeks??? I hope, like me, you’ve found these dinners to be something to look forward to. I can’t tell you how much that has helped me to make it through my day, just knowing that something tasty would be awaiting me for dinner (as soon as I cooked it!). If Alice from The Brady Bunch would come live with me for a little while and cook my dinners, that would be lovely. Let me know if you can figure out how to make that happen.

The meal plan this week is again filled with very redundant breakfasts and lunches. On the Whole 30, we cannot make paleo muffins, pancakes and other treat-like foods. You can expand on the egg idea with frittatas and omelets, but when you boil it down, you’re looking at eggs, meat and veggies with various seasonings. One practical and easy way to get the most variety in your breakfast is to eat dinner leftovers. That may seem strange, but if it was good for dinner, it will be good for breakfast! I’ve told you before that I don’t do this because of my histamine intolerance, but if you don’t suffer from that same condition, go for it. You might find you really enjoy crispy chicken and roasted vegetables for breakfast!

Four weeks of Whole 30 only equals 28 days so there is one more weekly meal plan to come. I will simply include more Whole 30 meals as options, even though you may start incorporating off-plan foods on Day 31. If you don’t want to undo all the great successes you’ve achieved these past four weeks, make sure you add back in only one food group at a time, like legumes, dairy or sugar. Try very hard not to add more than one at a time or you won’t know what might be affecting you negatively. See more about reintroductions in this article from the Whole 30 website. 

One caveat with this weekly plan: I included what I actually ate for dinner on Day 28 just in case you feel like cheating as well. 🙂 No, no, I heartily do not encourage you to cheat, but you can see what I chose at a restaurant just in case you are needing to eat out as well. Just do better than me and stick with the grilled chicken and vegetables and resist your kids’ pizza and pie! If you are not planning to eat out this week, pick one of your favorites from the previous weeks and cook that meal again.