Our Paleo Family

Whole 30 Day 20

I have only 11 days left of this reset diet and fall has finally arrived so I’m feeling pretty good today. I think just mentally knowing I’ve made it this far creates positive feelings. I’d love to know how you’re doing if you’re following along.

Breakfast: two eggs, a couple slices of ham, applesauce and black coffee. I am getting kind of bored with breakfast, but frankly, this is not new to Whole 30. Trying to stay away from paleo treats, Whole 30 or not, means eggs, meat and vegetables for breakfast all the time. I’m used to it, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to have a cinnamon roll now and then.

Lunch: turkey, celery, mayo, salt and pepper all run through the food processor to make a turkey version of chicken salad, eaten with cucumber slices

I forgot to take a picture of today’s lunch, but this is the same thing, just with plantain chips rather than cucumber slices.

Dinner: fish sticks with tartar sauce, sweet potato fries and side salad

As always, the dinner prep video can be found here or linked below.