Our Paleo Family

Whole 30 Day 8

I am having some little inklings of sweets cravings today for the first time, but I just keep telling myself I do not want to start over. I do not want to start over. I am almost 25% of the way done with this thing.

There are all sorts of fall treat recipe ideas swirling around in my head and I want to start testing them, but I know I can’t test no-no recipes while on the Whole 30 because I can’t resist tasting them. And I shouldn’t resist, really. I can’t exactly post a new recipe here if I’ve never even tasted it! So all that treat creating has to wait.

Thankfully, it’s Sunday so I’ll be at church all morning. It’s the first day of Sunday school for the semester and I know there will be Krispy Kreme donuts. I can’t eat those anyway, but it’s a bummer to have to smell them. Oh, well. There are worse things.

To fill up my tummy this morning, I had:

Breakfast: sausage and eggs, black coffee

Lunch: family ate the leftover chicken pot pie, but I know I cannot eat leftover chicken so I had a little “nosh” plate of deli chicken, green apple, pepperoni and pistachios. I know, I know. No vegetables so far today. So sue me.

Dinner: Grandma’s Beef Tips with mushrooms and oven “fried” okra. My family had rice; I did not.

You can see the video of my beef tip preparations here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9KcIwCPal8

This recipe is only available in my book so if you don’t have that yet, you’ll have to watch the video for instructions.

Dessert: peppermint tea. The “keto breath” is descending and it’s driving me crazy not being able to chew gum. A girl only has so much time to brush her teeth! Normally, I choose lemon ginger or orange tea, but it’s peppermint today out of necessity.

Afternoon snack: It goes without saying that I am having coffee in the afternoons. Still black. I think I have forgotten to include this little bit of information on my other daily posts.