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Whole 30 Week 1 Meal Plan

Here we go! Whole 30 Week 1 begins October 1st. Having started strong many times, I can tell you that this first week might be a roller coaster. In some ways, the first week of an elimination diet is the easiest because you are excited to embark on something new. But if your diet was pretty far from the paleo template before starting Whole 30, the first week can be full of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Sluggishness, headaches, crankiness and extreme cravings are all normal.

My first full week meal plan is below in printable form. Print this out, stick it on your fridge or some other conspicuous spot. You certainly don’t have to follow this meal plan to the letter, but I hope it will serve as inspiration for you.

Pineapple mango salsa – adds zest to any simply grilled protein

Check Pinterest, click through some of the websites recommended on the Whole 30 website, look through my recipes…there are lots of ways to come up with a meal plan. Whatever you do, make a plan – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When hunger strikes and it’s meal time, you do not want to be left trying to figure out what you can eat and what you want to eat. I find that if I have something written down, most of the time, I’ll go with that. It just saves me from having to make one more decision!

This is the pineapple mango salsa on top of grilled cod and one of my AIP tortillas

Here’s your week 1 meal plan:

Recipes highlighted in pink are on the website and linked here:

Roast chicken in Instant Pot – coming soon


  • Modifications for Instant Pot: instead of preparing the recipe as listed for the crock pot, cook under high pressure for 50 minutes.

Cole Slaw

  • Modifications for Whole 30: leave the honey out of the recipe and (if desired) add more black pepper and a little onion powder for additional flavor.

Fried Plantain Chips

Okra Fritters

  • Modifications for Whole 30: Make sure you use coconut milk rather than one of the dairy options.

Pesto Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles – coming soon

Pineapple Mango Salsa

  • Modifications for Whole 30: don’t add the optional honey. You really don’t need it anyway!

Easy Tacos – coming soon

Chicken Pot Pie

Recipes highlighted in royal blue are in my book, Your Paleo Holiday. If you don’t have the book, you can watch the accompanying YouTube videos, which will be linked in each daily post and you can see me make those recipes. However, if you’d like to buy that book (it’s only $10) and support my website, I sure would appreciate it. 🙂 You can download the book directly from my website, from Amazon or Apple.

I hope you are armed with all the information you need to begin your Whole 30 on October 1st. I’m starting a few days ahead of you so I can have recipes and videos posted ahead of time. This page simply provides a meal plan. Some of the recipes I say are on the website aren’t up yet, but will be in time for that day. For example, the roasted chicken on Day 1 isn’t posted right now, but will be up and ready by October 1st and will be linked in the Whole 30 Day 1 post. I hope that makes sense.

Let me know how your preparations are going and if you have any questions.

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