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Knife Sharpening 101

Thanks to all of my You Tube viewers for commenting and asking great questions. The latest was just a quickie: how do I sharpen my knives?

I made a little video to show you the process, but I wanted to link to the various products I show in the video.

First of all, if you don’t have good knives, investing in a set that feels good to you is a smart move. I say “good to you” because you need to feel comfortable handling the knives. You can certainly buy some expensive ones, but I have a set similar to this one from Farberware which costs around $40.

I received my set as a wedding gift 15 years ago and the knives are all still in great shape. I did replace the scissors a couple years ago with a better pair. Whenever we travel, we almost always stay someplace with a kitchen and there are never good knives. It’s amazing how it affects my cooking to not have a knife with which I’m comfortable.

So that’s recommendation #1: get a set of knives you like. They don’t have to be expensive.

Recommendation #2 is to keep your knives sharp. Here are some ways to do that:

If you buy a set, it will most likely come with a sharpening steel. But if not, you can buy one separately for about $10.

If you want something a little more fool-proof, you can go for one of these little round sharpeners. They’re cheap and you can find them at most grocery stores, but I think they’re a pain to use. At least these are cute and pink. Mine is boring old white.

My favorite way to sharpen my knifes that is easy and works really well, is with this one from Accusharp. It takes a minute to figure out how to use it, but the instructions on the package are clear and even better, I show you how to do it in the video below.

Just remember, a sharp knife is safer to work with than a dull one. I know from experience. The Bandaid company is sorry I finally figured out how to sharpen my knives!

Check out the video below for details on how to use each of the tools I discuss above.

Happy chopping!

2 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening 101

  1. Sheila Perl

    Thank you so much for the knife sharpening information and video!
    I ordered the Accusharp from Amazon. ca (I’m sorry, being in Canada I cannot use your Amazon affiliate site!) It is Wonderful and we sharpened all our dull knives!!! It was so easy and so efficient 🙂
    We are delighted!!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Hey Sheila! I’m so glad the post and video were helpful. I love that Accusharp sharpener too. So fast and easy and foolproof!