Our Paleo Family

Facebook Live tomorrow, February 22nd

Hey friends,

I’m trying something new tomorrow: cook dinner with me live! I did a bunch of cooking live videos over on Facebook.com/Kidcasts last year, but I always did those after dinner, meaning I had to cook two meals and clean up two meals that night. NOT my idea of fun.

Since I’m already cooking almost every night, I thought, why not just cook live and you can cook along with me if you want. Or at least watch and laugh at the craziness!

Tomorrow night I’ll be trying a recipe I’ve seen in my Facebook feed and Pinterest feed over and over: the egg roll in a bowl with sweet and sour sauce. It’s paleo, pretty sure it’s AIP too. I’ve never made this recipe so that will just add to the fun!

Here’s the link to the recipe if you’d like to follow along:


I hope to see you tomorrow!


5:30 EST

February 22, 2017