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This Week with Our Paleo Family, January 28, 2017

Trunk Bay Beach

Photo Credit: Phil Comeau via Flickr

Hey Friends! What have you been up to this lovely month of January? We’ve had snow and 70 degree weather. Not on the same day, but close! It’s been a weird weather month, for sure.

How go the resolutions? Did you make food related resolutions? How’s it going? Have you been doing a Whole 30? Or a 21 Day Sugar Detox? If so, I’d love to hear how it went for you.

Around here, it’s been a crazy start to the year. Nothing out of the ordinary, but trying to stay a sane wife, mother, homeschool teacher and business owner has been a challenge.

Concerning that lovely picture above, I have not been in Trunk Bay, USVI, but I sure wish I had! Well, I have been there, but not recently. However, in the world of blogging, you’re always supposed to lead with a great picture, so that’s the one I chose for today.

If you read this New Year’s article, you read my plans for posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Weeeeellllllll, I continued that schedule for almost an entire month! Turns out three quality posts a week is a lot. It’s too much, actually. My work/life balance has been out of whack.

I have been working with a blogging coach who is helping me to turn this blog into an actual business that might help to support my family a bit. His advice was that I have plenty of content already and to slow that way, way, way down and focus on some of the business aspects of the blog for a while.

He gave me that advice in early December and so far I have completely ignored it. After all, creating content is what I enjoy. I love creating new recipes and sharing them with you. But I think he’s right, so I’m going to follow his advice. He is the expert after all.

I will still be posting regularly and mostly recipes, I just need to slow it down for a while, meaning not three times a week.

For now, if you haven’t checked out these recipes posted recently, click on over and do that right now:

I especially recommend the mashed cauliflower. Now wait, before you dismiss this as another yucky recipe of cauliflower trying to convince you it’s potatoes, you’re wrong. I add one actual, real potato to the cauliflower and it totally changes the taste and consistency. Trust me, you must try this, assuming you’re not sensitive to nightshades.

I’ve also posted two recipes using the Instant Pot: spaghetti squash (not really a recipe, but just a method, then you use the squash in other recipes) and also my Baby Back Ribs recipe modified for Instant Pot. I’ve also posted a video to my YouTube Channel of a Pot Roast in the Instant Pot. I’ve not written that one up, mainly because I used this recipe from The Domestic Man with only slight modifications. But you can watch me making it over on YouTube.

If you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page and follow me over on Pinterest and Instagram. I’ll be beefing up my presence on social media and doing some more Facebook live cooking videos as a part of my blogger homework. Apparently, this is what you’re supposed to do if you want people to read your blog. 🙂

Ooh, I almost forgot! Thanks to lots of hard work by my IT man/husband, my ebook, Your Paleo Holiday, is now up on Apple’s iTunes Store and Amazon!!! You can still buy it directly from me through my shop page, but you can also download it from iTunes into iBooks or from Amazon to your Kindle or other e-reader. The price is the same everywhere.

If you’re waiting for a print copy, I’m right there with you. Amazon apparently has this cool feature where you can order a book to be printed on demand. This means I don’t have to have hundreds of books printed and hope they sell. If you want a hard copy, you order it and they print it just for you! That’s coming soon (I hope) so look for an announcement about hard copies in the near future.

The Super Bowl is coming next Sunday, so early next week, look for a recipe round up of Super Bowl Party snacks. Until then, stay warm. Or stay cool, whichever applies to your little corner of the world.