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Your Paleo Holiday, Part 1 e-book is now available!

Today is an exciting day! I started this blog just under a year ago. Fairly early on, I had an idea to write a book that contained all of our favorite recipes for the holidays. I can’t remember when I first announced this to you, dear readers, but it was probably 6 months ago.

Since that time, we’ve celebrated Christmas in the spring and Thanksgiving in the summer, all in an effort to perfect these recipes and take pretty pictures.

My family has been particularly thankful that there are many baked goods in this book and the baked goods seem to take the most tweaking to get just right. I think sometimes they sabotage me so they end up with more goodies!

There are 40 recipes included in the book, most of them totally original to the book (some have appeared on the blog before). This book will carry you from Fall Festivals through to Super Bowl Sunday.

If you ever wondered if you could pull off a totally paleo Thanksgiving, you can! Can you really satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth at Christmas and stick with your diet? Yes!

Today I will be making two recipes from the book live on Facebook.com/KidCasts at 11:00 EDT. 

I already posted the pumpkin bread recipe as a sneak peak, but I’ll be making my Southern Biscuits as well. Don’t miss it!

I’m also running a special today only. You can download the book today, October 5th, 2016, for $7.99 (plus tax) rather than the regular rate of $9.99.

For those of you who prefer a hard copy book, those will be coming as well, likely at the end of October. I’ll make another announcement at that time. There are benefits to the electronic version though: you can have the book with you everywhere you go, so if you get a wild idea to bake the sugar cookies in the Christmas chapter, but you’re out and about and don’t remember the list of ingredients, you can easily pull it up on your phone and check the list.

I couldn’t be more excited to share all these amazing recipes with you. I hope you will have lots of fun in the kitchen as you create your own paleo holidays!



2 thoughts on “Your Paleo Holiday, Part 1 e-book is now available!

  1. Phyllis Shell

    Congratulations. Hope this book is a smashing success. I will expect to see you on one of the morning shows in the future.