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This Week with Our Paleo Family, August 30, 2016

Hello Friends! Well, school has officially begun here in Raleigh, NC and even though charter schools, private schools, homeschools (us 🙂 ) and year round schools have already been in class for weeks, the day everyone is back in school feels like the real beginning of the school year and the end of summer.

I’ve just posted an article about school lunches, paleo style. Check that out if you’re at a loss for what to send your kiddos for lunch.

Paleo Lunch

Frankly, I’m ready to get back into a regular schedule. Summer was lots of fun, filled with camps and vacations, but there’s something about routine that makes my soul feel settled.

We overdid it a little on the fun this summer, which the kids thought was awesome, but it left little time for creative cooking. I made our old standards over and over again: Asian Stir Fry, Shake and Bake Chicken Nuggets, Pumpkin Pancakes. As much as we all love those old standbys, I, for one, am ready for something new. I’ve been checking cookbooks out of the library and watching Food Network on Netflix every chance I get and the meal inspiration is flowing again. Get ready for lots of new recipes coming soon!

As with every new school year, this is a time of transition for us. The kids are another year older and their needs are changing. Their personalities are changing (sometimes for the better). I’m pushing them a little in the food department, trying out new flavors and more casseroles. Gasp! I love casseroles, they’re comforting and filling, but the kids hate them. The way I see it is this: my kids eat a lot of vegetables because we’ve been giving them vegetables since they were tiny. They’re simply used to the taste. So if I feed them casseroles on a regular basis, they’ll get used to that too. Fingers crossed.

I tried out a couple new recipes this week and the kids ate both. They weren’t begging for seconds, but still they ate them. Those recipes coming soon: crock pot pork with veggies and broccoli sausage casserole. Yes, that is pasta you see in the top picture below served with the pork dish. This is gluten free pasta made with just corn flour and water, so I thought I’d give it a try since the ingredients were so basic. I instantly felt sick after eating this. Boo hoo. It was so enjoyable to eat pasta again. I feel like I am in a healthy state with my Crohn’s in remission so I am a little more flexible with the paleo template, adding in typical “no no” foods now and then. I usually don’t stray too far and generally I feel fine, but not this time. So now I know.


Regarding that crock pot meal, I have a confession. I detest crock pot food. It is almost always dry and everything sort of tastes the same. However, there are times when we have so much on the schedule that if I want to get a homemade meal on the table, the crock pot is the only way. I’ll be working on more ways to use this convenient appliance and see if I can work some magic.

This summer has been so busy with the cookie business that I’ve fallen off on posting recipes. I’m sorry about that. I have still been developing recipes, I just haven’t gotten them posted. I promise I will catch soon up because my kids will be in a class away from me for a couple hours each week beginning two weeks from now. Yes, I am counting the days. My house will be clean and I will have time to write. Do you hear the angels singing?

Other news:

Facebook live over on KidCasts tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern. Be there or be square. I’m making honey dijon salmon, sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes. The goal here is a whole, delicious, paleo meal in around 30 minutes. Don’t miss it!

My ebook full of recipes to get you through the holidays in paleo style is still in the works. The recipes are all finished and the writing/editing process is in full swing.


I’ll give you recipes for a complete Thanksgiving dinner.


And don’t forget dessert! Your holidays will be sweet with all the pies, cakes and cookies you’ll be making.

I am seeing signs around town for the Greek Festival that happens every year in September and that is the first holiday in my book. Yes, the Greek Festival is a holiday for this family. It is our very favorite food in the universe. Unfortunately, we can’t eat any of the food at the festival anymore so I’ve made my own versions and the recipes are in the book. You seriously have to make the spanakopita.

That’s about it from here. Nothing super exciting to report, I just felt like I needed to check in. I met so many lovely people at the Gluten Free Expo a couple weeks ago. Every one of my business cards was snatched up so I hope some of those new faces are visiting the blog. I enjoyed meeting so many people from such diverse backgrounds and all dealing with some sort of health issue that has necessitated a change in diet. It is scary and overwhelming, but I’m here to help. The recipes I post are foods my family enjoys (mostly 😉 ), are affordable and don’t take hours to prepare. But if there’s something you’d like to see or need (say egg free or nut free) please send me a comment and I’ll do my best.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you’re well.


2 thoughts on “This Week with Our Paleo Family, August 30, 2016

  1. Amanda

    Paleo homeschoolers over here too! I can’t WAIT to see more 30 minute meals! Paleo cooking can sometimes be so time consuming or the quick meals can often be pretty basic and boring.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Welcome, fellow paleo homeschooler! Trust me, I wrack my brain over 30 minute meals. You are so right that it’s hard to do anything creative and stick with paleo in such a short amount of time. To achieve that time goal, I almost always have to prepare at least part of the meal ahead of time. But you have motivated me to see what kinds of creative, quick meals I can come up with. As soon as I get this book out the door, you’ll start seeing many new recipes up on the blog.