Our Paleo Family

Upcoming Events

Hey Paleo Friends (and those of you I haven’t converted yet), there are two super exciting events coming up soon that I want you to be aware of. I posted these on Facebook, but since some of you aren’t on Facebook, (I’m barely on there myself), I thought I’d send you a notice the old fashioned way – email. 🙂

  1. Wednesday, August 10th, 11 AM, Facebook.com/KidCasts, yours’ truly will be baking “No one will know it’s paleo” Chocolate cake with a dairy free frosting. I will have with me the cutest assistant on the planet. You don’t want to miss it!
  2. This coming Saturday, August 13th, 10 AM – 3 PM, Kerr Scott Building at the NC State Fairgrounds, the Gluten Free Allergy Free Wellness Event will be taking place. I’ll be a vendor this year with my awesome (can I say that?) cookies. There will be samples galore and lots of fun products for you to try out. If you’re going to be around and would like to go, comment below because I have a few free tickets to give out. If many people comment, I’ll draw names at random. But comment ASAP. Time is running out.

I hope to see you soon, either in person at the Gluten Free Event or via the world wide web tomorrow. Facebook seems to have some sort of vendetta against me, but I am trying to conquer it and will attempt to cook, wrangle children, talk somewhat coherently and read and respond to comments at the same time. If nothing else, it should be humorous.