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Monday Moment: Thanksgiving Edition

I don’t promise to always post something encouraging on Mondays, but this being Thanksgiving week, how could I not?

There is a lot going on in our world that I am personally not very thankful for. There is a lot that is scary and sad and really makes us wonder what in the world is going on. But, if you take a moment to step back and really ponder, you’ll see that there is a lot that is not scary, not sad, and reassures us that what is going on is completely in the hands of a loving, caring God.

What seems out of control to us is completely in control to God. He is not surprised by the terror attacks in Paris or in Mali. He is not surprised by our reactions to these events. That doesn’t mean that He is pleased with these events, that He condones them. He’s sad, just as we are sad. He doesn’t desire for these things to happen.

I recently read an article that presented an extremely cynical view of Thanksgiving family time. So maybe your gathering doesn’t look like a Normal Rockwell painting. Does that mean we should just gloss over this holiday enjoying nothing but the pie? Grumbling our way through whatever family encounters come our way? No matter your circumstances this particular year, surely there are things to be thankful for.

Here are a few on my list:

  • As I give my kitchen cabinets their annual cleaning, I will be thankful that they are filled with enough dishes to prepare and serve a meal to a large crowd.
  • As I wrangle my kids into some serious de-cluttering in anticipation of little guests visiting, I’ll be thankful that our family is growing and that they’re close by.
  • As I stand on my sore feet for way too many hours cooking up the Thanksgiving feast, I’ll be thankful for my husband who will rub those sore feet at the end of the day. (yes you will, honey)
  • As much as I love homeschooling, I’m very thankful for a week off from teaching. And I think my two students are thankful for a break from their teacher! Just more time with mom this week.

Insert tip–> When we have lots of cleaning to do, I break out what I call “fun cleaning.” It’s all in the marketing, right? I turn on our favorite playlist and we clean like crazy for two or three songs. Then we plop down on the sofa and read a couple pages of whatever book we’re reading at the time. Cue the music and cleaning again, then more reading. And on and on we go until all the chores are done. Music is such a great motivator. We get a lot done, we get snuggle time, and we have fun. Win! Win! Win!

As I think about the countless people who have so much less of all the things we enjoy: safe shelter, clothes, food, even (crazy) family, I will be thankful that each and every person on this planet has access to the power of heaven.

It might be harder for some of us than others, but we can all find things to be thankful for.

I wish you a happy, fun, and filling Thanksgiving. Eat lots of pie! It’s really ok.