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Almond “buttercream” Frosting

Earlier this week, the kids and I did a Facebook Live show over on KidCasts where we made my Nobody Will Know It’s Paleo Chocolate Cake. And you can’t have cake without frosting, at least not in this house, so we decided to wing it and make a dairy free buttercream as well. If you’re a regular reader here, you know that my family does eat some dairy so when I make a cake, which isn’t often, I usually make regular buttercream with, you know, butter. But I was trying to be a good paleo girl yesterday so we used coconut cream and palm shortening as the base for our frosting. I did veer outside the paleo box by adding a little powdered sugar, but that’s it.

Here’s my confession: I do not like the taste of coconut milk and coconut flour and until we added the almond extract to this recipe, it tasted too much like those ingredients I don’t like. But with just that one little addition, this concoction was absolutely transformed. We honestly could not even tell it was dairy free.

If you watched the show, you’ll know that we didn’t measure anything so I’m going to give you best guesstimates on quantities below. The good thing about this recipe is that you can really make it to your taste. Add a little more extract, a little less sugar, a little more honey, whatever makes you happy. The basis for our “measurements” was simply the amount of cream that had risen to the top of the can of coconut milk. Different brands have different amounts of fat. You may find that you need two cans of coconut milk to get the amount of cream you need.

For my cake recipe, the small amount of cream from one can of milk was enough. We ended up with a total of about one cup of frosting and that was just perfect. Enough to frost the cake and a little left for my bowl lickers to enjoy. 🙂


Trim Healthy Mama Plan Notes: To make this recipe work as a THM-S recipe, I recommend substituting Powdered Swerve for the Powdered Sugar and maple syrup in the recipe. The taste will be a little different, but the texture still works and it’s a good dairy free alternative. If you don’t care for almond flavoring, you can substitute additional vanilla, orange, lemon, etc. If you choose citrus flavor, I’d recommend adding some fresh citrus zest as well as natural flavoring/extract. The orange frosting is REALLY good on chocolate cake.

Almond "buttercream" Frosting
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This recipe makes enough to frost the top and between the layers of one batch of my "no one will know it's paleo chocolate cake."
Almond "buttercream" Frosting
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This recipe makes enough to frost the top and between the layers of one batch of my "no one will know it's paleo chocolate cake."
  1. Using a wire whisk or the whisk attachment on a mixer, blend the coconut cream and palm shortening until smooth, creamy and fluffy.
  2. Add sweeteners, coconut flour and extracts until you achieve your desired flavor, sweetness and consistency.
  3. Refrigerate for about 15 minutes so the frosting can firm up just a bit before frosting your cake.
  4. Make sure the cake is completely cool before you frost or the frosting will slide right off and you will be sad.
Recipe Notes

*Take a couple cans of regular full fat coconut milk (can usually be found in the Asian section of the grocery store) and refrigerate for at least 24 hours. The cream will rise to the top and you can just spoon that off.

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