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Whole 30 Week 3 Meal Plan

Here we go with Week 3. I hope you’ve been pleased with the meals the previous two weeks. Week 3 brings more old favorites and one new, unbelievably delicious dinner! Our favorite meal this week was from Day 19: the Pecan Encrusted Snapper (the recipe will be posted soon). You could make this with any firm, white fish. I tried it out with catfish as well as the snapper and it was delicious. Try your best to find wild caught fish. Frozen is just fine! As always, I’ve prepared all of these dishes on video so you can watch the preparation and hear all my tips and tricks. You can catch each video over on my YouTube channel.

Just like with the Week 1 and Week 2 Meal Plans, the recipes highlighted in pink are available for free here on the blog. The recipes highlighted in blue are available in my book, Your Paleo Holiday. Or you can watch the videos and pay attention. 🙂

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