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Whole 30 Day 11

I had a headache pretty much all day yesterday and I’m not sure if it’s Whole 30 related or sinus related. It is time for fall allergies in my neck of the woods. I’m resisting taking tylenol and focusing on getting my apple cider vinegar each day. It does wonders for sinus issues, for me at least.

I’m finding that I’m snacking more than I should be and I think it’s because I’m just tired of preparing a meal three times a day. I know, I know: leftovers, but I can’t eat leftovers due to the histamine. You can read more about that here. When I’m not doing Whole 30, I do sometimes snack through the day rather than sit down to three proper meals, so this has become my fall back even on the Whole 30 and I know it’s not in “the spirit of the plan.” Even though my snacks are nuts, meat, raw veggies, or other completely compliant foods.

Today I’m making an effort at three real meals and no snacks.

Breakfast: eggs and bacon

Lunch: I tried a new recipe that just sounded good to me: Asian salad. It was tasty and was great leftovers too, according to my husband. I added some deli turkey and chopped, salted almonds to the top.

Dinner: Citrus chicken thighs, roasted veggies and a few bites of baked sweet potato with ghee, salt and pepper.

You can watch this dinner preparation here:

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